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IMPORTANT: This version of MyNaropa is being phased out on May 31, 2021. The new MyNaropa will officially be launched on April 26, 2021! Please begin accessing current information systems, including the Canvas learning management system, via the new MyNaropa:  



Campus Clearance Process

UG Academic Advising Office


Information on how to make an appointment and contact your Advisor is available
here on the new website!

Top Degree Planning Tools: MyNaropa Classic

2. Online Course Catalog

The official Course Catalog is issued every academic year, and outlines the University’s current academic policies, degree and major requirements, courses descriptions, and more. The Catalog for your entry year into Naropa serves as your contract with the University; it is where you can find official details regarding your degree requirements and academic expectations. Both the current Course Catalog and an archive of previous years' Catalogs are available online.

3. Your Degree Audit

Your Degree Audit is a MyNaropa tool to help you track your degree requirements. It lists all of your Core, major and minor requirements, and shows what you've completed and what you still need. Keep in mind that the Degree Audit is an automated program, and doesn’t always put things in the right place; please discuss any oddities with your Academic Advisor. Watch our quick Degree Audit How-to Video for details.

4. Your Unofficial Transcript

Your Unofficial Transcript provides a detailed semester-by-semester history of your academic journey at Naropa, including grades and transfer credits from previous academic institutions. It is a useful supplement to your Electronic Degree Audit, and the best place to review your total earned credits to-date. This is for your use only. When needed for job and graduate school applications, request an Official Transcript.  

5. MyNaropa Student Forms

Looking for a form? You can access all of the curricular and academic policy forms you need directly via Student Forms in MyNaropa. Each form includes instructions on how to complete and submit (often on the second page). Save valuable time by completing your portions of the form before bringing it to your Academic Advisor and/or Faculty!

In addition to your Academic Advisor and Faculty Mentor(s), you have the ability to develop an amazing Academic Support Team, which may include people from some or all of the following offices and programs: