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Student Groups to Join!

Acroyoga Club: To play and practice acroyoga together in community.

Contact Lindsey at for more information.


Awakening Goddesses: The intention of this group is to create a safe space for all who want to explore their inner goddess. Where we share joy, inspiration, wisdom, support, compassion, solace, liberation and peace through the exploration of the mind, body and soul.

Contact Kendra at Natalie at for more details.


Beats: A Naropan Periodical: Writing from a Place of Urgency.

Contact Eric at for more information.


Contemplative Combat Arts: This is a multi-discipline sparring club dedicated to empowering women and the queer community. Members are welcome to share self-defense skills that will be explored by all through a contemplative sparring model. This is an all-inclusive group. But in order for this to be a safe space, members are required to keep their power and privileges in check. 

Contact Atlas at for more information. 


Empathy Practice Group: Support students, especially counselors-in-training, grow their skills in presence, attunement, self-care, self-connection, and the crucial-for-counseling skill of empathy.

Contact Cheri Krause at for more information. 


Immediators: Using the practice of spontaneity and improvisation within collaboration to experience personal and collective realization.

Contact Joia at for more information.


Naropa International Community: The purpose of this group is to assist and support prospective and current students in their journey and integration at Naropa University and in Boulder.

Contact Rivi Marcus at for more information.


Latin Dance Club: The Latin Dance Club is a space for people to meet, have fun, learn partner dancing and gain a deeper understanding of Latin music and culture.

Contact Edward at for more information.


Naropa Alliance for Psychedelic Studies: We aim to educate the community and inspire dialogue about the historical and current convergence of psychedelics with psychology, spirituality, and science.

Contact Alyssa Gursky and Justin Weiss at for more information.


Naropa Athletics: To play, celebrate, get embodied and have healthy emotional outlets. Team building and friendly competition as paths to community.

Contact Willow or Kaleigh at, for more information. 


Naropa Indigenous & Contemporary Contemplative Technologies Group (NICCT): I. Mission Statement - At this incubation period of the group the mission will be to hold space for contemplative considerations of indigenous and modern advancements of mechanistic tools. Considering everything including and beyond agriculture to microchip technologies; past, current and future developments. II. Purpose - The purpose of this group is to offer student directed contributions to 21st century technological realities. With the support of the Naropa lineage in contemplative education it is the group's intention to provide student reflections of how the university is poised to take the lead regarding contemplative approaches to technological advancements.

Contact and (Pam and Patrick) for more information.


Naropa Sexuality Forum: A sex positive student group for discussion, healing and empowerment for all issues relating to Sexuality

Contact Julian at for more information. 


Naropa Student Veterans & Warrior-Connected Group: The mission of the Naropa Student Veterans & Warrior-Connected group will be to provide six elements of intention. As a group we will use the following six elements as malleable guides to provide direction semester-to-semester. Service, Sustainability, Scholastic, Support, Space, Spirit.

Contact Morgan at for more information.


Permaculture Club: Permaculture Club focuses on developing sustainable solutions on campus with an ecological lens. Building community by cultivating the earth while engaging others. This club will empower students to grow their own food, as well as have the opportunity to develop other permaculture inspired projects.

Contact Sarah Keown at for more information. 


R.O.O.T. (Reconnecting On Outer Terrain): Our mission is to reconnect ourselves to community and our own self on outer terrain via hiking and camping trips.

Contact Mike at for more information.


Students for Sensible Drug Policy: The Students for Sensible Drug Policy is an international grassroots network of students who are concerned about the impact drug abuse has on our communities, but who also know that the War on Drugs is failing our generation and our society. SSDP mobilizes and empowers young people to participate in the political process, pushing for sensible policies to achieve a safer and more just future, while fighting back against counterproductive Drug War policies, particularly those that directly harm students and youth.

Contact Jamie or Heather at or for more information. 


Students of Color and Allies: Students of Color & Allies (SOCA) is a group which focuses on creating a supportive space of rest and renewal for students of color, hosted by rotating members of the diversity team. The group is open to undergraduate and graduate students, staff, alumni, and faculty but centers on the student experience.

Contact Faridah at for more information.


Sound Healers Collective: Sound Healers Collective is a group space for sharing and experiencing sound healing in a variety of forms. One does not need to be a sound healer to be a part of our circle. The desire to receive sound healing is all that is required. Individuals wishing to share a sound healing skill are encouraged to reach out so that this can be arranged.

Contact Karambir at for more information.


Taiji Club: The Taiji Club seeks to share the relaxation and gentle inner strength of Taiji to encourage health and relieve stress as we bring together the Naropa community and the wider society.

Contact Saba at for more information.


Team Tapas: Free yoga for the community and also practice for new teacher trainers.

Contact Jordan at for more information. 


Unified Voices in Uncertain Times: Unified Voices is a community joined together in solidarity which is dedicated to offering revitalizing support and to engaging in nonviolent action and resistance against our current political climate. We seek an alternative in the face of the hopelessness, depression, anxiety, despair, and overwhelm that many of us are experiencing in these uncertain times. Through unifying our voices, coming together in support, and taking action we seek to bring light in a time of darkness.

Contact Michele at for more information


Yoga Flow: To awaken the body and mind through a yoga flow practice.

Contact Dawn at for more information.