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Student Groups to Join!

Awakening Goddesses: The intention of this group is to create a safe space for all who want to explore their inner goddess. Where we share joy, inspiration, wisdom, support, compassion, solace, liberation and peace through the exploration of the mind, body and soul.

Contact Kendra at or Anastasia at for more details.


Ceramics Club: Ceramics club will provide a comfortable place for students to create and engage their senses and learn to coexist with the earth establishing a connection with our ancestors through clay building.

Contact Jordan at for more information.


Empathy Practice Group: This group is a place for students to get and give mutual support as well as practice the crucial life skill of empathy, which is attunement, listening and compassion combined. The group always starts with some form of self-connection, acknowledging that empathy is a choice that comes out of being internally aware and resourced. We also welcome our inner children to share the space with us. Come for healing, to deepen your attunement and counseling skills, and to share space with other amazing people.
Student Group Leader Name(s)

Contact Cheri Krause at for more information. 


Flow and Fitness: The Naropa University Flow and Fitness Student Group is a community of students looking to explore the art of flow (dance, yoga, acrobatics, aerial dancing, hooping, and poi).

Contact Casandre at for more information.


Interfaith Dialogue and Cooperation: To promote friendship, cooperation, understanding, and dialogue in Naropa University and the broader Boulder community between the adherents of all faith and spiritual traditions, as well as seekers and non-believers; and to use this friendship, cooperation, understanding, and dialogue for the benefit of others to the best of our capacity.

Contact Jacob at for more information.


International Student Group (ISG): The purpose of this group is to assist and support prospective and current students in their journey and integration at Naropa University and in Boulder.

Contact Rivi Marcus at for more information.


Latin Dance Club: The Latin Dance Club is a space for people to meet, have fun, learn partner dancing and gain a deeper understanding of latin music and culture.

Contact Edward at for more information.


Naropa Alliance for Psychedelic Studies: NAPS is an alliance representing the rich traditions and disciplines of Naropa University, aiming to educate the community and inspire dialogue about the historical and current convergence of psychedelics with psychology, spirituality, and science.We are inspired to create a protected space to allow open dialogue about medicine use and all things 'mind manifesting,' as the etymology of the word translates to.

Contact Alyssa Gursky and Justin Weiss at for more information.


Naropa Game Night Club: It's easy to get caught up in the tides of student life. Between juggling classes, doing course work, and attempting to get a somewhat reasonable amount of sleep, one barely has any time to just relax and have fun. The Naropa Game Night group aims to remedy that with cards, board games, tabletop RPGs and good company. So swing by, grab a chair, and join us for an evening of entertainment.

Contact Zach at for more information.


Naropa Sexuality Forum: This is the place for discussing and exploring topics concerning sexuality, relating, intimacy, Polyamory, Monagamy, LGBTQ issues, Swinging, Sacred sexuality. Different guest speakers and work shop style experiential practices.

Contact Julian at for more information. 


Naropa Student Veterans & Warrior-Connected Group: The mission of the Naropa Student Veterans & Warrior-Connected group will be to provide six elements of intention. As a group we will use the following six elements as malleable guides to provide direction semester-to-semester. Service, Sustainability, Scholastic, Support, Space, Spirit.

Contact Joshua and Morgan at for more information.


Passionate Voices: Your VOICE matters! This group provides a compassionate space for all ages to join together and share experiences centralized to gender. This will be a circle for validation of experience, emotional expression and ultimately a place where we can come together and unite in discussing womanhood—holding space for all kinds of experiences and expressions. We hope to see you there!

Contact Shay at for more information. 


R.O.O.T. (Reconnecting On Outer Terrain): Our mission is to reconnect ourselves to community and our own self on outer terrain via hiking and camping trips.

Contact Ben at for more information.


Sound Healers Collective: Sound Healders Collective is a group space for sharing and experiencing sound healing in a variety of forms. One does not need to be a sound healer to be a part of our circle. The desire to receive sound healing is all that is required. Individuals wishing to share a sound healing skill are encouraged to reach out so that this can be arranged.

Contact Karambir at for more information.


Students for Sensible Drug Policy: Naropa's chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy neither condones nor condemns drug use; rather, we empower students to make their own informed opinion and engage with policies locally and nationally. We are particularly interested in deconstructing the ways current policies disproportionately target marginalized communities and aim to be allies in the ongoing pursuit of reforming the criminal justice system. That healing begins with truth.

Contact Jan Farias at for more information.


Taiji Club: The Taiji Club seeks to share the relaxation and gentle inner strength of Taiji to encourage health and relieve stress as we bring together the Naropa community and the wider society.

Contact Saba at for more information.


The Vajrayana Map: The Vajrayana Map is a student group designed to educate the Naropa Community in the Tibet Buddhist Tradition. It is essentially a "map" for those interested in exploring the path that leads to complete enlightenment in this very lifetime. Appropriate to the gravity possessed by this tradition, The Vajrayana Map relies critically upon the wisdom of elder lamas, practitioners and knowledge-holders of Naropa and the Community. We open the "map" of Tantric Buddhism to students, faculty, and staff of Naropa in a way that is accessible to those who may be new to such a path, though also employing a great deal of carefulness, this group is grounded in a firm, not floppy, traditional approach. Foremost, this includes a deep and detailed study of the tenets put forth in The Words of My Perfect Teacher by Patrül Rinpoche in both the original Tibetan and the English Translation. As a ground to travel by, the view and philosophical assertions will be critically analyzed in group discussion and in the traditional Tibetan debate style. The Words of My Perfect Teacher as a primary text is supplemented by the works of Vidyadhara Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Kalu Rinpoche, and Togmey Zangpo's Thirty-Seven Practices of Bodhisattvas. Professors and guest lecturers are invited in to teach on topics in-depth from their specific field in order to surmount misconceptions with a more complete understanding of the intellectual basis of Vajrayana Buddhism. From here, practical application of this knowledge in forms such as samatha and vipasyana are practiced together. More complex practices like Ngödro, Sadhanas, and Pujas are organized privately. Learning and understanding the Tibetan Language is the "legend" central to The Vajrayana Map. For each meeting, opening and closing prayers are chanted in Tibetan and within each meeting Dharma vocabulary is used and internalized. Translations by Naropa students and staff are frequently brought in and discussed in concern to accuracy and meaning. A frequent accessibility to the Tibetan language grants those studying within Naropa's Tibetan Language Program greater opportunity to progress and strengthen their abilities. It also gives those inclined to learn Tibetan familiarity with the language, without the intensity of a four-credit academic course. Finally, The Vajrayana Map strives to keep alive the vitality of Tibetan Buddhism brought to Naropa by its Founder, Trungpa Rinpoche, through studying, contemplating, and practicing the path he has given out freely to the West. In his great generosity, we continue to turn our minds to the Dharma, even within the fully-accredited academic realm.

Contact Justin at for more information.


Weekly Dharma Talks: To gather together in community and propagate and share the wisdom of the Dharma teachings.

Contact Francisco at for more information.

Fall 2016 Registered Student Organizations Roster (.docx, 15K)


Looking for opportunities for involvement on campus? Check out this roster of Registered Student Organizations! Email student org leaders to discuss getting involved with their club, group or organization. If you're still interested in starting your own, please see the registration form in the center column of this page.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
Student Groups Handbook
Defining Student Organizations (.pdf, 268K)
Student Organizations Covenant Agreement (.pdf, 335K)
Anti-Hazing Agreement (.pdf, 335K)
Nondiscrimination Policy (.pdf, 266K)
Student Organization Advisor Expectations (.pdf, 180K)
Financial Documents
Student Organization Budget Request Form (.doc, 33K)

Budget Allocations Meeting will take place in the Student Union (basement of Wulsin Hall) on September 1st at 4pm. A member of the student organization must be present to submit their budget. Please use this form for any and all budget allocations requests for student organizations. Budget requests for campus events are included in the event planning form.

Designated Purchaser Policy (.docx, 14K)
How to Spend Student Activities Allocations (.docx, 21K)
Reimbursement Form for Student Group Expenses (.xls, 32K)
Campus Events
Application for Campus Events (.docx, 48K)

Complete the attached application and submit to Laura Parker at at least two weeks prior to your proposed event. If the event is public, large, or requires facilities/risk management assistance, please submit at least four to six weeks in advance. Completing this application does not mean that your event has been approved.

Film Screening Policy (.docx, 28K)
Use this protocol if you wish to screen a film or movie at Naropa or in conjunction with a student group function.
High Risk Events and Activities
Waiver Form for High-Risk Activities/Groups (.doc, 26K)

This waiver form is required of all participants who will be involved in student organizations or campus events that involve a higher than average risk of physical or mental harm. Such events include, but are not limited to, martial arts, dance instruction, off-campus or remote events, etc. Forms must be immediately submitted to the Office of Student Life.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.

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