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Campus Clearance Process

Mission and Vision

The vision of Naropa University Residence Life and Student Housing is to uphold Naropa University’s unique mission by teaching and preparing every resident to “meet the world as it is and to change it for the better.” We achieve this vision by providing student-centered, co-curricular education, which fosters academic success, campus involvement, and personal development within an inclusive community that engages students in the pursuit of knowledge and growth.

The mission of Naropa University Residence Life and Student Housing is to provide a healthy, sustainable, contemplative and compassionate living and learning communities where students are supported and holistically engaged. Naropa’s residential educational programming strives to provide academic support through co-curricular activities, creating an intersection between formal instruction, the community, and the world. The residence hall is a place where learning comes alive!

Residence Life and Student Housing Staff

Stephan Taylor; Director of Residence Life & Student Housing
303-245-3549, OR 


Resident Assistants


Living On and Off Campus

Naropa University Residence Life and Student Housing exists to support students with their on-and off-campus housing needs. Living on campus can and has proven to be an integral part of a student's journey. The University operates Snow Lion Residence Hall, an apartment-style, fully furnished residence hall and our newest residence hall 2333 Arapahoe. Both of our halls are places where students are supported with curricular and co-curricular programs through our Living and Learning communities, as well as educational and social opportunities that foster personal and academic success. While all members of the Naropa student body have the option to apply for housing at any of our two residence halls, we do require certain students to live on campus.

Why Live on Campus in our Residence Halls:

What does it mean to live on campus? Well, it’s a lot more than having a place to sleep. It’s your home while you’re here. The place where you hang out with friends. Talk to your roommates. Study. Kick back. Relax. Store your stuff. Sleep. Eat. It’s your own space. The place that says something about who you are, what you like, and what's important to you.

New this year:

Graduate students can contract to live on campus for a full 12 months in Snow Lion. They have the option to live in a fully furnished apartment with a kitchen, living, dining and bedroom furniture and the amenities of laundry, wireless internet, meditation room and many other options. Please access the housing application site for more information.

Students Residency Requirement to Live in University Housing

Students 20 years and younger (by September 1 for fall semester) with less than 30 credits of post-secondary education (by June 15 for fall semester) are required to live in university housing for their first two semesters at Naropa. There are numerous educational and social benefits for first-year students living in the residence halls.

Other Students Who Have the Option to Live in University Housing

Students 21 years and older (by September 1 for fall semester) or who have 30 credits or more of post-secondary education (by June 15 for fall semester) have the option to live at Snow Lion or 2333 Arapahoe, but are not required.

Additional Snow Lion Information

For more information on Snow Lion and 2333 Arapahoe housing options and requirements, please visit here.

Off Campus Housing

Residence Life and Student Housing also supports students in seeking housing off-campus. For more information on off-campus housing, please visit here.

Residents must use this form to report any facilities issues with their apartment.

Short Summary of Work Request:

Room Number:
E-Mail Address:
Phone Number:

Enter a brief description of the work requested along with a completion date and why you requested the completion date.


Off Campus Housing

Naropa University takes no responsibility for individuals seeking or offering housing. This responsibility is placed solely on the individual. It is highly recommended that you ask for references from those who call in search of housing. Similarly, it is suggested that you screen individuals offering housing situations.

*To include your posting on this page, email, giving us the details in the following format:

(Phone and/or email)
Description: (Limit to 200 words)

New listings are added every Friday and are removed one month after posting at 

Residents are required to register any guests they have in the building. Failure to do so may result in fines, revoking of your guest privileges, guest being banned from the building and or other disciplinary action with the university. Please use the following form to register your guest with the housing office. Submit one form for each guest:

Your Name:
Guest Name:
License Plate Number If Using Guest Parking Spot:
Is the guest a Naropa student?: No
Is the guest staying overnight?: No
How many nights are you requesting the guest stay:

Housing Applications for Summer 2020 and Academic Year 2020-21 Available

Housing applications for Academic Year 2020-21 (August 2020 to May 2021) are now open and available!

For Academic Year 2020-21's Housing Application, please go here: 

NOTE: Naropa offers Living and Learning Communities for students living in one of Naropa's residence halls. First year students are required to choose one of the Living and Learning Communities. Other students may apply to live in a Living and Learning Community but space is not guaranteed.

Learn more about this exciting opportunity by visiting the Living and Learning Communities page under Student and Campus Life.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email

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