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Limits to our Scope of Service and Referrals

Like most university counseling centers NSCC has a high demand for services and is unable to meet all of the mental health needs of our student body in house.  We are a small center that relies heavily on Counselors-in-training and have a limited scope of practice. 

We are unable to provide in house psychiatric evaluation, prescriptions or medication management, psychological, educational, or disability testing, emotional support animal documentation, 24-7 Crisis

response, intensive outpatient, inpatient, or other specialized services.  We refer many students to community resources to help them get the support they need.

Students who have significant or ongoing struggles with mental health, active addiction(s), eating disorder(s), unmedicated bi-polar, schizophrenia, active psychosis, PTSD, or other complex needs will be assessed and then offered short term stabilization support and/or referred to others in the local community. 

When a student’s need surpasses the scope of our center and they are not in imminent harm we provide case management session(s) to help them get set up with referrals to licensed providers and local agencies who are a better match.  These students may still utilize our Walk in/ Crisis Hours.

Many students understand our limits and come to Naropa knowing they are interested in working with a licensed counselor ongoingly, want or need year-round counseling support, more frequent session, medication support, and/or other specialized psychological care that we are unable to provide.  If you’d like help getting set up in the local community with any type of psychological support, please let us know.  We will schedule a screen and then a case management session to help you get set up with the best care.

We do not offer phone or video counseling and clients need to be available to attend sessions in person.  If you are unable to attend in person, please see Psychology Today or other listings to find providers in your local area.