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Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) are federally mandated panels that review research conducted by organizations in the US to assure compliance with regulations designed to protect study participants, also called human subjects.  If you do research with human subjects, it is important that you read and familiarize yourself with these IRB requirements.  All faculty, staff, and students at Naropa University who do research with human subjects need to understand and follow the guidelines. 

The Naropa University IRB requires you to follow the process below, and forward to us the specified forms:

NOTE:  ALL applicants are REQUIRED to complete the free online IRB training at  Complete the course and submit the Completion Certificate with your application package. 

(1) "Which Type of IRB Review Do I Need?" is a chart to help you clarify whether your application is exempt, expedited, or full. This will determine how you fill out your forms (below).

IF YOU ARE A STUDENT, see the section “IRB information for students” (below)

Next, access and fill out to send to the IRB:

(2)  "Study Details for Naropa IRB Review" In this Word document you will describe your study for the IRB. Please fill in for your application package.    

Next, access:

(3)  "Naropa University Certification of Investigator Responsibilities" This needs to be printed, read, signed and included with application package.  Next:

(4)  "Naropa University IRB Application Cover Sheet"  this Word document should be completed, printed, signed and included as a cover sheet with your application package.

(5) “Consent Form” Sample consent forms are included on the web page – please adapt them to your study and include with your application.  

(6)  The "Institutional Review Board Guidebook" published by the Dept. of HHS, Office of Human Research Protections is included as a reference to assist in answering questions you may have.

IF YOU ARE A STUDENT: Please first read

  • IRB checklist for students
  • Naropa University Student/Classroom Research Projects (ACADEMIC WORK NOT REVIEWED by the IRB).  Instructors and students should read "Naropa University Student/Classroom Research Projects" in IRB Resources to determine whether their work requires IRB review. Many class projects DO NOT require IRB review but please read this document to confirm.   

 Complete all forms and send to Dr. Jordan Quaglia, IRB Chair, with sufficient time (about 3-4 weeks) for review.