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Campus Clearance Process

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Who can register as a Non-Degree student?

  • Any individual who isn't already working toward a degree at Naropa can register to take For-Credit courses as a non-degree seeking student.
  • Registration can be done through the Non-Degree For-Credit Registration Form.
  • Non-Degree students can take up to 11 credits per semester. If you're interested in taking more than 11 credits, you will need to visit the Admissions tab to apply as a Visiting Student.

Can I take any Naropa class I am interested in?

The academic schools within Naropa have designated a certain number of courses that are open to the public. To find said classes, click on the printable Registration Schedules & Catalog link found on MyNaropa homepage. Search for the Courses Available to the Public for Academic Credit.

If you wish to take a course that is not on the list, you'll need to fill out and submit an Addendum to Non-Degree Registration Form. This requires both the instructor and School Director Permission before you fill out the Non-Degree For Credit Registration Form.

What if there is a pre-requisite listed for the class I am interested in?

  • If the class has a pre-requisite or special requirement, the student is responsible with the instructor so they are properly prepared for the course, plus informing the Registration Office of the approval.
  • Students who fail to confirm with the instructor prior to registering run the risk of being dropped from the class and asked to leave the course. Note: Faculty emails can be found under course information using the Course Search link on the MyNaropa homepage.

How will I know if I get into a class?

  • Non-degree For Credit students are added into classes on a space-available basis on the first day of classes.
  • You will be notified via email whether or not you've been registered.
  • If there are no seats available, you won't be registered and your tuition will be refunded if you've pre-payed.
  • You can track enrollment numbers by course by using the Course Search, found on the MyNaropa homepage.

How much does it cost to attend Naropa as a non-degree student?

  • Tuition for academic credit at Naropa is $995 per credit, plus any additional course fees.
  • Non-credit tuition is $250 per class.

Do CU students get a discount?

Current University of Boulder students interested in taking Tibetan or Sanskrit classes do receive a discount. There is a separate from for interested CU students, called the CU Language Courses Consortium Registration Form

What is Naropa's refund policy for non-degree students?

If you need to cancel a For Credit registration as a non-degree student, please email by the end of the Add/Drop period for the semester. You may find the Add/Drop date by checking the Academic Calendar. A full refund will be given for requests received by the Add/Drop date.

Can I take the class For Credit now and change it to Non-Credit later?

No, once registered for the class you cannot opt to take the class for non-credit at a later date. IF you would like to chat about the differences, please email for guidance.

Will I receive a bill and/or a receipt? 

  • For non-degree students, Billing statements are not issued. However, upon request, the Bursar will provide a receipt. You may reach out to the Bursar at
  • Note: early payment is highly encouraged, but it is the responsibility if the individual student to ensure they do not carry a balance.