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SWP 2018

JUNE 10th - JUNE 30th

Week One Workshops | June 10th - 16th

  Hoa Nguyen | Trace Peterson | Tracie Morris [Recording Studio]

Selah Saterstrom & Kristen Nelson | Lewis Warsh

Lisa Robertson | Tongo Eisen-Martin

April Sheridan [Harry Smith Printshop]


Week Two Workshops | June 17th - 23rd

Duriel E. Harris [Recording Studio] | Cedar Sigo

Dan Beachy-Quick | Tonya Foster | Anne Boyer

Margaret Randall | CAConrad

Julia Seko [Harry Smith Printshop]


Week Three Workshops | June 24th - 30th

Anne Waldman | Dawn Lundy Martin

Julie Carr & Gesel Mason | Rodrigo Toscano  | Thurston Moore

Lisa Jarnot | Steven Taylor [Recording Studio]

 Åaron Cohick [Harry Smith Printshop]