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Welcome to the Summer Writing Program registration pages  
for students not currently seeking a degree at Naropa!
(Current Naropa students must log in and click on the Student tab to register)
Please Note: Public Registration for SWP officially begins Monday, March 17th. The registration forms you see listed on the left of the page will be activated at that time. If you have questions about SWP content or specific details, please contact Kyle Pivarnik at .
  This years program dates are: June 2nd - June 28th , 2014

The Summer Writing Program is a four-week-long convocation of students, poets, fiction writers, scholars, translators, performance artists, activists, Buddhist teachers, musicians, printers, editors and others working in small press publishing. Programming includes workshops, lectures, panels, readings, special events, and more.

In dialogue with renowned practitioners, students engage in the composition of poetry, prose fiction, cross-genre possibilities, inter-arts, translation and writing for performance. Participants work in daily contact with some of the most accomplished and notoriously provocative writers of our time, meeting individually and in small groups, so that both beginning and experienced writers find equal challenge in the program.
Non -Naropa Students may also take the SWP for credit. Naropa University is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Contact the SWP for more information on becoming a Non-Naropa degree seeking credit student. Consider carefully whether you need undergraduate or graduate credit. Keep in mind that SWP weeks taken for undergraduate credit cannot be later converted to graduate credit, and visa versa.


Week 1  (06/2/2014 - 06/07/2014)                                                           


Section A: Charles Alexander & Cynthia Miller PRINTSHOP                       

Section B: Dodie Bellamy                                                                                  

Section C: Lee Ann Brown                                                                                

Section D: Rebecca Brown                                                                                

Section E: Julie Carr                                                                                            

Section F: Kevin Killian & Norma Cole                                                             

Section G: Thomas Sayer Eliis                                                                           

Section H: Kyoo Lee                                                                                           

Section I: Dawn Lundy Martin                                                                          

Section J: Farid Matuk & Susan Briante                                                          

Section K: Ariana Reines


Week 2  (06/09/2014 - 06/14/2014)

Section A: Reed Bye

Section B: CAConrad

Section C: Bhanu Kapil & Melissa Buzzeo

Section D: Joanne Kyger

Section E: Layli Long Soldier

Section F: Sawako Nakayasu

Section G: Michelle Naka Pierce & Sue Hammond West

Section H: Margaret Randall

Section I: Julia Seko PRINTSHOP

Section J: M. NourbeSe Phillip


Week 3  (06/16/2014 - 06/21/2014)                                                         

Section A: Clark Coolidge                                                                   

Section B: Jen Hofer                                                                                           

Section C: Renee Gladman                                                                                

Section D: Jade Lescelles PRINTSHOP                                                             

Section E: Tracie Morris                                                                                    

Section F: Laura Mullen                                                                                     

Section G: Hoa Nyugen                                                                                      

Section H: Khadijah Queen                                                                               

Section I: Stacey Syzmaszek                                                                              

Section J: Matvei Yankelevich                                                                          

Section K: Lewis Warsh                                                                                     


Week 4  (06/23/2014 - 06/28/2014)

Section A: Caroline Bergvall

Section B: Edmund Berrigan

Section C: Mary Burger

Section D: Ambrose Bye

Section E: Douglas Dunn

Section F: Marty Ehrlich & Erica Hunt

Section G: Thurston Moore

Section H: Brad O’Sullivan PRINTSHOP

Section I: Anne Waldman

Section J: Steven Taylor

Section K: Edwin Torres







The 2014 Summer Writing Program will run from June 2nd through June 28th.

Registration for the Summer Writing Program occurs via the Public Registration tab in MyNaropa.  On the left, click either the For-Credit Registration or Non-Credit Registration. You will then use the drop down menu to register for the section associated with the faculty member whose workshop you want to take each week.

 You will select your top three choices for each week. Please note: you will only register for one workshop each week, and we cannot guarantee registration with any particular faculty member. There will not be waitlists for any workshops.


Non-Naropa students may also take the SWP for academic credit. Naropa University is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Consider carefully whether you need undergraduate or graduate credit. Keep in mind that SWP weeks taken for undergraduate credit cannot be later converted to graduate credit, and vice versa. Applicants for graduate credit must have a bachelor's degree. In order to complete registration and maintain your course enrollment, undergraduate transcripts must be sent to the administrative coordinator no later than May 15th. Please send transcripts to:

 Kyle Pivarnik 


 2130 Arapahoe Ave

 Boulder, CO 80302

Students under 18 are able to take the program; however, the program is designed for adults and there are a several stipulations. Students under the age of 18 need to submit a letter of consent from a parent or guardian, as well as a letter of recommendation from a writing mentor. There are also weekly check-ins with SWP staff. Additionally, an interview or writing sample may be requested as part of the registration process.

Naropa University welcomes participants with disabilities. Please contact Andrea Rexilius at 303-546-5296 or to inquire about accessibility and disability accommodations needed to participate fully in this event before May 1st.

Yes, international students are welcome to participate in the SWP.

The price of the course depends if you are taking it for credit or non-credit. This year, each week for noncredit students is $500. A small discount of $100 is offered for students that register for all four weeks ($1900).  For-credit pricing is $975 per credit with 2 credits per week for graduate students and 1.5 credits per week for undergraduates.

Payment is preferred at the time of registration, but is not due until the Thursday prior to the start of the week you are attending. Here are the 2014 Thursday deadline dates for each week of  SWP: 
  • Week 1 - May 29th
  • Week 2 - June 5th
  • Week 3 - June 12th
  • Week 4 -  June 19th

Payment can be made by either credit card, eCheck or written check. Please note payment plans are not available for non-degree students.

Once registered for class, you can check and pay your balance online by clicking the "Submit Payment" link found on the Public Registration homepage.

Naropa Students

Degree-seeking students taking the program for graduate or undergraduate credit may be eligible for

federal financial aid if enrolled for at least six credits (four weeks for undergraduate credit, three to

four weeks for graduate credit). Naropa undergraduate and graduate students should complete the

FAFSA or the International Student Financial Aid application by March 1 in order to be considered

for any forms of institutional or federal aid. The FAFSA is available at The

international student financial aid application is available at .


Non-Degree-Seeking Credit Students

Students who are enrolled as degree-seeking students at another institution and are taking the SWP

for credit should contact the financial aid office at their home institution for information regarding

eligibility for aid.  Additional information regarding financial aid is available at

If you are applying for a Summer Writing Program Scholarship, please make sure to include your social security number on the online registration form. You will also need to complete the 2013-2014 FAFSA based on completed 2012 tax at
For more information on the Summer Writing Program Scholarships, please visit: 

SWP student employment is only available for registered for students enrolled in the BA or MFA program at the Jack Kerouac School. The application can be found here:

 Applications for student employment are due March 15th.

The SWP offers housing at Naropa’s Snow Lion Dormitory. Below are this year’s rates:

Summer Housing Rates 2014:

$350 per week (shared room)

$525 per week (private room) 

$700 per week (private apartment)

More information can be found here:

The SWP does not offer a meal plan, but the on-campus café is open to students during the program. The café offers many dietary options, including vegan and gluten free. 

A typical daily schedule looks something like this:

 9:30am-12pm morning session.

12-1pm lunch break.

1-5pm panels, lectures, ect.

5-7pm dinner break.

7-10pm readings.

  Go to MyNaropa ( )

Enter your login information; (previously sent to your email address in a confirmation email)

Click on the Public Registration tab;

Click on “Changes to your SWP Schedule” link, found under the Summer Writing Program header in the middle section of the page.

Course Search icon towards the bottom of the page;

Under Open”

Add/Drop Courses (change sections/add/drop a week of the SWP):

Adding a Course: Add a different section by clicking on “Add by Course Code” and typing in the course number & section OR search for the list of courses using Course Search (See Summer Courses and Seat Availability above). Click the box next to the course and hit the “Add Selected Courses” button;

Click on  Dropping a Course:  Drop the current section from your schedule by clicking the box next to the course and hitting the “Drop Selected Courses. Please see the next FAQ for more in-depth information on dropping a week.   


Non-credit students have until Monday at 3:30 of each week to drop the SWP without financial penalty. Non-credit students must drop the course online or contact the registration coordinator at 303-546-3511 or If a non-credit student chooses to withdraw from the SWP after 3:30pm on Monday, the student will be financially responsible for the entire week.
All for-credit students have until Monday at 3:30pm of each week to drop the SWP without suffering financial or academic penalty. Students who drop the course on Tuesday will not receive a refund and will have a withdrawal listed on their transcripts. Students who drop Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday will fail the course. Students must drop the online via MyNaropa or contact the registration coordinator at 303-546-3511 or If a student does not complete the necessary paperwork, s/he will be held both financially and academically responsible for the entire week. In the event of a medical emergency, students must contact the SWP office by the deadline. 
Refunds can take 7-10 days to process.