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This form has expired or is not yet available.


Are you a current, degree seeking Naropa Student? 


First Name


Last Name


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Zip Code


Telephone Number


Email Address (will be used to confirm registration)


Date of Birth


Please provide your social security number

*The IRS required the university to collect the SSN for all students taking the class for academic credit. Failure to provide the SSN may result in a fine from the IRS. International Students are exempt.. 


Select the Program for which you'd like to register: (this will pull up a list of available classes by program)

To register for classes under more then one program: select the first class you want under one program (you do not have to save), then re-select another program and add another class. 


I'd like to register for REL672: Non-Dualism in Theory and Practice

NOTE: Any person wishing to take the Mindfulness Instructor Training must submit an application and be approved before registering for one of these trainings. Basic requirements for this course are at least 2-3 years of consistent practice, completion of 2 weeks of intensive retreat before starting the program and 2 weeks before completion, letter of recommendation from their MI or mentor, etc. REL 709W has a prerequisite of REL609W. If you have questions about this application process, please contact Giovannina Jobson at or (303)245-4603 or Dale Asrael at or (303)546-3522.

Registrations received before your application has been approved will not be accepted. 


I'd like to register for REL809W: Mindfulness Instructor Training III


Are you interested in taking a class that is not listed above? You may still have the opportunity to do so by answering yes to this question and following the steps needed. 


Please enter the course number and title which you'd like to register for:


Please select the number of credits for which this course is offered:


Is this course for which you are registering included on the list of Courses Available to the Public for Academic Credit?


If this course is not listed on the Courses Available to the Public for Academic Credit schedule, have you filled out an Addendum to the Non-Degree Registration form

Many Naropa courses have specific requirements or pre-requisites. Pre-requisite information can be found with the course in the Courses Available to the Public for Academic Credit schedule. Non-degree students are responsible for contacting the faculty to ensure that s/he has met any pre-requisite requirements. Failure to do so could result in the student being asked the leave the course.


Does the course for which you are registering have any requirements or pre-requisites listed in the Courses Available to the Public Schedule?


If the course has a pre-requisite, have you contacted the faculty to ensure that you are eligible to take the course for which you are registering?


I also understand that weekend courses and workshops have a drop/add date of the Thursday prior to the start of classes.

STOP:  If the course has pre-requisites listed in the Course Available to the Public for Academic Credit schedule, you must contact the faculty to ensure you are eligible to take this course for academic credit. You cannot register for this class until you have done so.


If you need to cancel a for-credit registration as a non-degree student , please email by the end of the drop/add period for the semester - January 26th, 2017 is the  drop/add deadline for Spring 2017. A full refund will be given for requests received by January 26th. Refunds for requests made after January 21st will be based on Naropa's Drop/Add & Withdrawal schedule. No partial refunds will be given and no requests to withdraw will be granted after February 24th, 2017.

I have read the above statement regarding Naropa's refund policy for non-degree students seeking academic credit. Additionally, I acknowledge that payments not received by the add/drop deadline will be dropped for non-payment and will cause me to lose my seat in the class.  


I am paying by: 

NOTICE :  If you prefer to pay by check, please note that payment  must be received by the Friday prior to the start of classes. If payment is not received by this time,  you will be dropped for non-payment and lose your space in your preferred class.
Mail payment to:
Naropa University
Coordinator of Student Accounts
2130 Arapahoe Ave
Boulder, CO  80302

STOP: If you are planning to use your Employee Tuition Benefits, please contact Marie Davenport in Human Resources. She can be reached at or 303-245-4700. Marie will be provided you with the appropriate form to either audit this course or to take it for credit.

Non-degree students will be added to class on a space-available basis on the first day of classes.  You can monitor live registration for a particular course by viewing the course in our Course Search option found on the homepage of MyNaropa. If the course is listed as "Closed", there is no space and you will not be added.
You will be notified by phone or email on the first day of classes if you have been added. You have the option to pay for the class with a credit card now and be refunded if you are not added to the course. Or you may pay for the class after you have been added. If you choose to pay for the class now, once you select "Now" and click on "Continue", you'll be directed to a secure site to pay by credit card. If you choose to pay later, clicking on "Continue" will submit your registration form to Naropa's Registration office. We will send log-in credentials to you so that you may log in and pay with a credit card after you have been added to the course.

Thank you! Hitting submit will send this form to the Naropa registration office and you will be notified on the first day of class whether or not you have been successfully registered for the course.