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Any courses not listed on the Course Schedule for Non-Credit Courses are unavailable to take for non-credit.

  • Non-Credit Courses are $250 per class or $200 for Weekend Workshops, PLUS any material fees.
  • Payment options include: check by mail, credit card, or electronic check.
  • All payments are due by the Friday prior to the start of class.  
Non-Credit courses receive a grade of NC for "non-credit" so they are not graded. If you want to take a course that receives a grade, then please look into the For-credit courses. 
No. Basically, taking a class for Non-Credit means that you are not responsible for fulfilling the academic requirements for the class, and you are not graded for your participation. As a result, you will not, nor will you be able to in the future, receive academic credit for your participation. It is not possible to "upgrade" a Non-Credit class in order to receive academic credit.
  • To register, you will fill out an online Public Registration Non-Credit Registration form.
  • The Spring 2018 Public Registration forms will go live mid-November.
  • After filling out a Public Registration Non-Credit form, Naropa's Registration Office will email you within 3 business days to let you know if you have been added to a class as a non-credit student.
  • If you are not registered due to lack of space in a course, your payment will be refunded.
  • You need to fill out a Mindfulness Instructor Training application and fulfill certain requirements, THEN register online through the Public Registration forms. 
  • The cost is $200 for noncredit students, plus any associated course fee. 
  • Basic requirements for this course are at least 2-3 years of consistent meditation practice, 2 weeks of intensive retreat before starting the program, and a letter of recommendation from your MI/mentor, etc. If you have questions about this application process, please contact Giovannina Jobson at (303) 245-4603 or Dale Asrael at (303) 546-3522.
  • If you need to cancel a registration for a non-credit course, please email by the end of the drop/add period for the semester (January 25th is the Add/Drop deadline for Spring 2018).
  • A full refund will be given for requests received by the drop/add deadline, but no refunds will be given after that point.
  • For non-degree students, Billing Statements are not issued. Upon request, hand written receipts can be provided. 
  • Note: Payment at the time of registration is strongly encouraged, and it is the responsibility of the individual students to ensure they do not carry a balance.