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How to Register?

You may attend online education classes in a variety of different ways at Naropa University. Each type of student has slightly different registration and admissions requirements. Please choose below how you would like to engage in our online campus and follow the instructions.
  • Naropa Program Students: If you have been accepted as a Naropa degree-seeking student, first contact your academic advisor and then register for individual classes via the Student tab on MyNaropa, during your assigned registration period.
  • Non-Degree For-Credit Students: Please visit the Distance Learning Registration form on the Public Registration tab on MyNaropa. You will earn academic credit, but do not have to apply through the admissions office (unless you are taking over 11+ credits).
  • Non-Credit Students: Please visit the Distance Learning Registration form on the Public Registration tab on MyNaropa. You will attend classes, but will not be graded and given a final grade for the class.

Credit or Non-credit?

As a non-degree seeking student, you may take a selection of Naropa online courses either for credit or non-credit:
  1. Credit: You may receive academic credit for Naropa Online classes, even if you have not been admitted to a degree program through Naropa University. There is no admissions process necessary, and you need not supply transcripts. However you may be asked to obtain instructor approval on all courses with prerequisites or specific requirments. Some courses are offered for undergraduate level or graduate level credit. Please choose carefully as students may not change their level after the drop/add period ends. We strongly recommend that you check with your school if you are planning to transfer any credits.
  2. Non-credit: As a noncredit student, you will not receive a grade or academic credit for your work in the online class. Your Naropa University Transcript will not indicate that you have taken a class. And there is no way to "upgrade" the non-credit status later, so please choose carefully. Because non-credit students are not graded, you may determine your own level of participation in the class.

Registration Deadlines

Registration for non-program students for the Spring 2016 online classes is open until the end of add/drop period 1/21/16. The first day of the semester is 1/11/16 and the last day of the semester is 5/4/16.
Please note that prepayment is needed in order to get access to a Naropa online class.

Class Activation: Please be aware of the 24-72 hour processing time between completing your registration and payment and being activated in your online class. The class activation is not instantaneous and needs to be done manually.

Refund Information: Refunds for those taking a class for academic credit are prorated according to the date a student drops/withdraws a course. Those taking a class for non-credit have up until the last day of drop/add, 1/21/16 to drop a class/ receive a refund- no refunds will be given after this date. Refund schedules are shown on the drop/add schedule available at the Naropa Registration Schedules and Catalog page. Directions on how to drop or withdraw from a course are given below.

How to Add/Drop a Course: To drop from a course, or add another one, you will need to log into MyNaropa. Visiting students will be sent MyNaropa login information and drop/add instructions within 3 business days of submitting a registration form. The add/drop period is when you may adjust your schedule for different courses, course sections and pass/fail or letter grade options.The drop/add and withdrawal refund schedule for the given semester on the homepage of MyNaropa

Withdrawal from a Course: To withdraw from a class after the end of add/drop period, please email The drop/add and withdrawal refund schedule for the given semester on the homepage of MyNaropa.

Course Cancellations
: Course listings in Naropa Online campus are subject to change. Naropa University reserves the right to cancel under-enrolled courses.

Tuition and Fees

Academic Credit Cost
Noncredit seats are available in most online classes on a space-available basis.
Tuition for the 2015-16 academic year is the following:
  • $995 per academic credit hour.
 The total cost to attend a 3-credit Naropa Online Distance Learning class for credit is $2985*
Degree-seeking students also pay a mandatory registration fee per semester. See Naropa Tuition & Financial Aid pages.
Block tuition: Undergraduate students who sign up for 12 or more credits will have a different pricing structure. For details, contact the Coordinator of Student Accounts:

Noncredit Cost
A number of non-credit seats are available for non-credit students, determined by the instructor. Students who attend Naropa Online classes with a non-credit status have full access to all course materials, lectures, discussions and activities for the duration of the term. However, no final grade is turned in for the student, and assignments may not be given grades. It is up to the student and instructor to determine what level of participation is appropriate. Your Naropa University transcript will not indicate that you have taken a class through Naropa. The non-credit price for a 3-credit course is $250.

Payment Information

The payments must be received by the Friday prior to the start of classes. For students attending Naropa online classes as non-degree seeking students, and for those attending as non-credit students:
  • During the registration process, you may pay online using a Visa or Mastercard using the online secure credit card payment process.
  • You may fax your Visa or Mastercard credit card information to 303-546-3536. Please include student's name, student's SSN, semester, course, name on credit card, credit card number, expiration date, amount, and a signature.
  • You may mail a check for the full amount payable to Naropa University, attention Coordinator of Student Accounts, 2130 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder, CO 80302. Please include the student's name, SSN and course number on the check.
  • You may phone your Visa or Mastercard credit card information to the Coordinator of Student Account office at 303-546-3554.
  • The Coordinator of Student Accounts contact information is:; direct phone: 303-546-3554.

For students who have been accepted into any one of our degree programs utilizing the online campus:

  • You will be billed for the full amount due for the term during the beginning of the semester. You are responsible for ensuring that payment is made by the last day to pay tuition and fees to avoid penalties.