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Before beginning the actual application, be sure to prepare all of the documents that will be required for you to successfully submit your application. Applications submitted without all proper documentation will not be reviewed.

In addition to a short essay and short answer questions, you will need to upload two letters of recommendation and an advising form. Please read the following to fully prepare your application before beginning the application process. 

This application requires that you:

1)      Provide the names and contact information for your parents;

2)      Provide contact information for any emergency contacts other than your parents;

3)      Upload a 2-3 page statement of interest which includes:

             * Your reasons for wanting to study in Bhutan

             * How you see this program becoming part of your personal, academic, and professional development

             * Any experiences you have had that you believe prepare you for this experience

4)      Provide short answers to the following questions:

          ** Have you ever traveled abroad or experienced diverse cultures within the United States?  If so, where and for how long? What did you learn about being with people from a culture different than your own?

          ** Name ways in which you resource yourself when you are going through personal difficulty or challenge?

          ** Please list any academic or other formal experience (volunteer work, internship, etc.) that have prepared you for the program in Bhutan?

          ** Please share an example of a time when you were pushed out of your comfort zone and how you dealt with it.

          ** Have you ever lived in a communal situation? Describe what is was like and what the challenges were for you. If you have not had such an experience, please write what you think it might be like and what the challenges would be for you specifically?

          ** Describe any contemplative practice you may have and how long you have been practicing. How does your practice informs your relationship with yourself? How does inform your relationship with others?

          ** It is said that one of the keys to intercultural communications is to understand what is being communicated but not spoken. What is your understanding and/or experience with this?

5)      Explanation of any disciplinary violations at an educational institution, if applicable;

6)      Explanation of any retraining order, misdemeanor or felony, if applicable;

7)      Provide two recommendation letters provided for you by faculty or mentors. Download a version of the form to print and have your faculty complete: Faculty Recommendation Form;

8)      Submit a copy of transcripts for any college or university attended in the last 5 years;

9)      Provide an Academic Advising form. Download a version of this form to print: Academic Advising form.

After the completion of your application, you will be asked to pay the non-refundable $50 application fee with a credit card. Applications will not be reviewed until application fee has been paid.