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Greetings Naropa students. If you are looking for your Summer and Fall 2020 Naropa classes, we have updated our systems. Please join us at and log in with your Naropa credentials.

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How to Access MyNaropa Mobile

MyNaropa Mobile is accessible with a mobile device whether a smart phone, tablet, or computer.  Just open a browser on your mobile device and go to:
The preferred method is to access MyNaropa Mobile via the browser on your mobile device.  All you have to do is bookmark the url and you can always access MyNaropa Mobile. You may also create an icon on your Home screen by either: "Add to Home Screen" or bookmarking the url to the Home Screen.

Student Center and My Courses

For Students: To access the Student Center and My Courses sections of MyNaropa Mobile, just sign in with your MyNaropa User Name and Password.
From Student Center you can access all your Registration and Financial Aid information.  

MyNaropa Mobile Feedback

If you have feedback related to MyNaropa Mobile, please contact the webmaster.
Please provide your feedback in the Comments box below and click Submit. Thank you!
Email Address: