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The Naropa Alumni Listserv, powered by Regroup, is the fastest and easiest way to stay in touch with the Naropa alumni community. The purpose of this list is to provide an open forum for the posting and discussion of news and information relating to Naropa University alumni. Anything related to or about Naropa alumni is fair game. This includes anything from a marriage announcement to a referral request to a travel journal entry to a philosophical pondering.

There are some guidelines to follow in using the listserv to ensure that all members are considered and respected. Please read the guidelines with the link below before joining. 

Directions on how to join the Alumni Listserv and more HERE.

Naropa is always interested to hear what you’ve been up to since graduation. Please let us know your news, including publications, performances, weddings, births and gatherings. Also please feel free to get in touch with us anytime to update your contact information.

Also please feel free to get in touch with us anytime to update your contact information.

Submit an Alumni Note HERE.

Volunteer Opportunities

As Naropa alumni, you know the value of the Naropa experience and can share your unique perspective firsthand. Help us get the word out to others who will also have their lives changed by Naropa University.

There are many ways to stay connected to Naropa and engage in volunteer activities that strengthen our mission. We are delighted to connect with alumni leaders, who are eager to take on a more active role in volunteering.

Learn more

Regional Volunteers are local alumni contacts in an area who:

  • Act as a central contact for alumni, parents, prospective students, new graduates, and the Naropa University Alumni Association.
  • Serve as a university ambassador at events determined by the University (alumni events, faculty visits, presidential visits). 
  • Plan the occasional informal event (social events, professional networking events).
  • Assist in determining a location for a University event in their region.
  • Distribute promotional emails inviting people to attend upcoming event in their area. 
  • Assist alumni relocating to their area.

View Alumni Regional Volunteers HERE.

Thank you for your interest in presenting at Naropa University! We value and appreciate the inspiring wisdom and expertise you wish to share with our community. Please take some time to answer the questions below and submit your proposal for review and consideration in program planning.


First Name


Last Name


Email Address


Phone Number








Zip Code


1. Brief Bio, with credentials (if applicable)


2. Attach your Resume/CV


3. Proposed Title for Event/Program


4. Brief Program Description (what will be covered)


5. Learning Outcomes (what will participants learn from attending your program)


6. What is the positive social impact of your work?


7. What elements or strengths do you feel you have to offer the Naropa community?


8. Have you presented on this topic before? If yes, where and how many people attended?


9. What are your expectations for reimbursement or honorarium?


Proposals submitted by June 30 will be reviewed and considered for the upcoming fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). Anything received after June 30 will be considered for the programming calendar the following year.