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Any current, degree-seeking student or any alumnus who has earned a degree from Naropa can audit classes.
Any current degree-seeking or full-time visiting student, as well as any alumnus who has earned a degree from Naropa, may audit selected courses during the fall and spring semesters by following the procedures below:
1. Pick up an alumni audit form from Student Administrative Services or download it from the alumni tab on MyNaropa.
2. Check the Registration Schedules on MyNaropa ( to determine which courses are eligible for auditing. If the course you are interested in is not eligible for auditing, you must also obtain the permission from the program. Neither the program’s nor the instructor’s permission are guaranteed.
3. Bring the audit form to class to obtain the instructor’s signature.
4. If you are registered for the course for credit, drop the course. Audit forms received for classes in which an alumnus is currently registered, or has withdrawn from, will not be processed.
5. Submit the form to SAS, complete with required signature(s), within one week of the end of the drop/add period for the course. Audits will begin to be added after the drop/add date.
6. Plan to pay for your audit and fees immediately. Late fees will be added to unpaid fees approximately two weeks after the last day of the drop/add period.
7. Students who are admitted to a class will be charged $30 per credit hour plus all related course fees.
8. You will only be permitted to the course if:
      1. You are a current degree-seeking or visiting student (including those on an approved Leave of Absence) or alumnus who has earned a degree from Naropa.
      2. The course is available to audit (or you received program permission).
      3. You received instructor permission.
      4. You are not currently registered for, or withdrawn from, the course for credit.
9. If approved you will receive an email stating that you have been allowed into the course as an audit.
Available for Audit according to the schedule found under Registration Schedules on the homepage of MyNaropa.