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 The mission of the Naropa Sustainability Council (NSC) is to support the University in its endeavors as stated in Naropa’s Sustainability Statement and outlined in Naropa’s Climate Action Plan (CAP). Recognizing that sustainability is a core value of Naropa's mission, the NSC serves the University as a multi-stakeholder resource and advisory board promoting educational outreach and sustainability initiatives. This involves proposing and implementing projects, programs, events, etc. as well as providing strategic input on sustainability goals and planning. The NSC presents projects to advance the CAP on an annual basis to the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President for Business Affairs. The NSC is also responsible for Sustainability Day and Earth Day event planning and hosting. Through this work the NSC serves to develop and engage students by providing leadership and campus engagement opportunities.

Upcoming Naropa Sustainability Council Meetings


Center for Culture, Identity & Social Justice

(Arapahoe Campus)

Day & Time:

Fridays, 12:00-1:30pm


February 10th

February 24th

March 10th

March 24th

April 14th

April 28th

The Bike Shack is a student-run, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Naropa community in utilizing bicycles as their primary mode of transportation. 

At the Bike Shop you can:

Build-a-bike: learn how to build a bike from the ground up for free and keep it when you're done!

  • Tune-ups and repairs to your bike
  • Cheap new parts and accessories
  • Opportunities to volunteer and learn bike mechanics

The Bike Shack is located on the Arapahoe campus and is open to anyone in the Naropa community, from any campus.

Bike Shack Open Hours

Open Studio Monday 10:00 to 12:30. Bike Maintenance Classes Wednesday 11:30 to 1:30 and 2:30 to 4:30. Open Studio Thursday 2:30 to 5:00. Wednesday classes are open to every student, faculty and staff with a bike or without one. These classes are divided into five stages. These stages will explore different maintenance adjustments, and will give you the skills to build a bike from recycled bikes. Open studio time is for you to utilize the bike shack and the skills you have learned with the supervision of a work study student. Any Bike Shack questions please feel free to call, 303-505-3276, between 10am-5pm.

To schedule an appointment email or call (303)718-2927

Naropa University recognizes the positive ecological, physical and economical benefits of alternative transportation and provides all students with the RTD Eco-Pass giving free access to RTD Buses. Naropa University also gives all students free access it's student-led bicycle shop - the Bike Shack. The expanding population of BoulderCounty is causing increased traffic congestion, dangerous air pollution levels, with this comes a need for alternatives. Naropa University’s Arapahoe Campus has limited parking and students, staff and faculty are encouraged to find alternatives to parking on campus. Transportation is an issue of ecological and personal health rather than just convenience.
Boulder and the surrounding Front Range have an extensive bus and bicycle commuter system in place. The City of Boulder won Bicycling Magazine's Best City for Cycling award in 2006. RTD gives you the option of riding your bike to the bus stop and putting your bike on the bike rack at the front of the bus. The combination of buses and bikes makes it easy to commute without a car while attending Naropa University. If you add the carshare program to these tools of alternative transportation it makes it very easy to live a virtually car free life in Boulder. The Transportation Office encourages students to customize their means of travel to their situation. The transportation modes are presented below to help students in their planning.

Parking Permits required at all campuses and are free (except at the Arapahoe campus).

Arapahoe campus parking permits:

Semester parking: $140 semester
Day Permit: $3/each
Bulk Day Permit: $28 per day of the week, per semester
Handicap Permit: half price day & semester permits
Two-wheel Motorized: $25 per year
Semester Grant Award: Full, Partial $60

To apply for a parking permit, click here

Parking permit grant applications are available as the last question on the parking permit application.

Parking permit grant awards are based on a combination of financial, commuting and family dependent necessities. Staff, faculty & students can apply. All decisions are final and will be made by the Transportation Review Committee. Parking permit grant applications can be picked up outside the Transportation Office

Naropa University's own bike shop, the Bike Shack has an Earn-A-Bike program! What's that you say? It's a program in which participants learn some basic bike maintenance for themselves through building a bike from old frames and parts we have available. When you complete you bike and we check it for safety you can keep it. For free! All Naropa students, faculty, staff, and Alum are eligible and are welcome to build a bike. Email or visit for more information.
Open Shop
Ever wondered what the heck a derailleur REALLY does? Or even where to find it on your bike? Need help with your cruiser project? Tired of paying up to $100 for a tune up? Stop by the Bike Shack during Open Shop times and learn to fix your own bike! During open hours you will have access to tools, bike stands and a truing stand; and you can order bike parts inexpensively.
Service and Repairs
While the BIke Shack is not a serviec shop, wer are happy to help with repairs. You can expet to pay only for the parts if the Bike Shack does not already have free parts in stock.

All students are provided with a CollegePass usable on all RTD routes throughout the Denver metro area. This card provides free service on Local, Limited, Express, and Regional routes, including the AB airport bus. The CollegePass comes in the form of a blue, photo ID smart card. Don’t forget to ask for one when you get your Naropa I.D. Visit the RTD website more information and to use their Trip Planner.

Bike sharing is different from bike rental. It's a new type of transportation system that allows a large number of people to share a small number of bikes. This is accomplished through short station-to-station bike trips.
All Naropa community members (staff, faculty and students) are entitled to a free annual pass with Boulder B-Cycle (free monthly pass for Intensives students). Simply navigate to to sign up!
A free annual pass includes:
  • 60 minutes of free riding ($3/half hour after that)
  • Access to Boulder B-cycle 24/7
  • Use of B-Cycle at 17 cities across the country, including Denver
Naropa supports community members who want to share the cost of a semester permit with another community member. You save money and only use one parking spot—a win-win situation.
eGo CarShare provides the option to live a car-lite lifestyle without actually owning a personal vehicle. With 24/7 access to our fleet of neighborhood-based vehicles, you can run errands in the Toyota Prius C, take the AWD Subaru Outback (with ski or bike racks, seasonally) to the mountains, or use a truck to haul furniture. Leave the not-so-fun car stuff to us – gas, insurance, parking, maintenance – it’s all included.
Naropa students and staff receive a discount on the application fee by entering promo code Naropa 2015 when applying. There is currently a Toyota Prius C located on the Arapahoe Campus and a Ford Focus on the Paramita campus. eGo CarShare members enjoy free VIP parking on the 2130 Arapahoe Campus, located just south of the Sycamore building. Visit the eGo CarShare website ( for more information on how to become a member.

If you must drive, consider using a cleaner burning, renewable and nearly Carbon Neutral fuel produced entirely in the United States. Boulder has several Biodiesel vendors, including Boulder Gas on 28th and Valmont and Bartkus Oil a card-lock fuel station on Pearl and Frontier.

Introducing SCORE@Naropa!

The Naropa Sustainability Council is proud to announce its new partnership with CU's SCORE program.

What is SCORE? 

SCORE is a free, student-run service for students living in the Boulder area who want to save money on their energy bills while reducing their ecological footprint.

What do I get if I participate?

SCORE provides you with a free energy assessment of your apartment and you will receive (for free!):

  • LED light bulbs
  • CFL light bulbs
  • low-flow faucet head
  • low-flow showerhead
  • window film
  • pipe insulation
  • a free Pizza!

How can I schedule a SCORE assessment?

Sign up here!

Once you have chosen a time, a SCORE-certified student will come to your apartment at the designated day and time. The energy assessment will take about an hour. Remember to sign up with your email account.

Questions? Send an email