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Create 2022: Strategic Planning Task Force Members

Wendy Allen, Jason Appt, Mo Bankey, Cheryl Barbour, Joshua Blanton, Jessica Brejc, Jane Bunin, Susan Burggraf, Jane Carpenter, Carole Clements, Aaron Cook, Janet Cramer, Dave Edminster, Erin Farrell, Miki Fire, Lorenzo Gonzalez, Seann Goodman, Tammy Hollister, Ethan Jackson, Tyler Kelsch, Ugur Kocataskin, Andrew Koch, Chuck Lief, Angela Madura, Danielle Poitras, Aisha Sayles, Regina Smith, Phil Stanley, Candace Walworth, Lee Worley, Alyssa Wright

Create 2022: Strategic Planning Timeline

February 2017 Update

Thank you to everyone who participated in the idea gathering phase for Create 2022, whether through group meetings or submitting feedback through the online portal.  We collected over 70 pages of raw data.  The next step in the Create 2022 process is that the raw data has been distilled into eight distinct themes.  Members of the Strategic Planning Task Force have divided into teams to address the themes and to write concept papers on them (posted below) to be presented and discussed at the Vision and Goals Conference on March 17, 2017.  

Themes and team members assigned are as follows:

Facilities & Spaces: Aaron Cook, Dave Edminster, Lorenzo Gonzalez, Tammy Hollister 

Administration & Finance: Tyler Kelsch, Andrew Koch, Angela Madura, Aisha Sayles  

Image & Outreach: Jason Appt, Jane Carpenter, Erin Farrell

Inclusivity: Wendy Allen, Ethan Jackson, Ugur Kocataskin, Regina Smith 

Student Care & Satisfaction: Cheryl Barbour, Joshua Blanton, Jessica Brejc

Academics & Curriculum: Miki Fire, Phil Stanley, Alyssa Wright

Employee/Faculty Issues: Jane Bunin, Seann Goodman, Lee Worley

Institutional Ethos: Carole Clements, Dee Poitras, Candace Walworth


Please feel free to submit feedback pertaining to any of the concept papers in the space provided.

Facilities & Spaces 
Administration & Finance 
Image & Outreach 
Student Care & Satisfaction 
Academics & Curriculum 
Employee/Faculty Issues 
Institutional Ethos