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Create 2022: Strategic Planning Task Force Members

Wendy Allen, Jason Appt, Mo Bankey, Cheryl Barbour, Joshua Blanton, Jessica Brejc, Jane Bunin, Susan Burggraf, Jane Carpenter, Carole Clements, Aaron Cook, Janet Cramer, Dave Edminster, Erin Farrell, Miki Fire, Lorenzo Gonzalez, Seann Goodman, Tammy Hollister, Ethan Jackson, Tyler Kelsch, Ugur Kocataskin, Andrew Koch, Chuck Lief, Angela Madura, Danielle Poitras, Aisha Sayles, Regina Smith, Phil Stanley, Candace Walworth, Lee Worley, Alyssa Wright

Create 2022: Strategic Planning Timeline

Frequently Asked Questions

We appreciate your ideas, considering the following questions which were designed by the Create 2022 Task force as conversation starters:

1. What aspects of Naropa would benefit from additional investment (of time, energy, resources, personnel)?

2. What should Naropa aspire to—both internally and as it relates to the community at large?

3. If the “sky is the limit,” as you picture Naropa University five years from now, what do you see? What would you hope to see?

4. What do we need to change or what challenges do we need to deal with effectively over the next five years?

5. What key issues must we deal with if we are to achieve excellence as an institution?

6. What would it take to firmly position Naropa as the leader in contemplative education?