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Assessment is critical for establishing an effective contemplative educational experience for our students.  As one faculty member once said, "assessment is asking whether my students are learning what I am teaching."   Academic assessment does not reside in Academic Affairs, it is rightly "owned" by Naropa faculty.
Why do we do academic assessment?   All of these assessments may seem like work on top of work.  The fact is, however, that there is no greater way to determine if you are doing what you intend to do in your classes.  If it’s not working, fix it.  If it is, stick with it!  Excellence in assessment is one of the best ways to improve the retention and success of our students.
WEAVEonline is the online assessment platform that we currently use at Naropa to input and track all our assessment work. Designated individuals in each program serve as the WEAVE Assessment Point of Contact (POC) for their program.  POCs are responsible for accessing the platform to input program mission, goals, outcomes, direct and indirect measures of learning, targets, findings, and action plans. We track program changes with data collection then analyze them to see whether those changes worked. We also do assessment of our non-academic support units and use WEAVEonline to input and track data on those departments.  Check the WEAVE documents to the right for more information about WEAVE. You can log-in to WEAVE by clicking here: Contact Katie Pollack, the WEAVEonline Administrator for additional information (   phone: 303-245-4813). 
Rubrics.  There is a template for developing rubrics in the right column.  There are also a number of already developed rubrics you may find useful on the allcampus W Drive>Rubrics.
Assessment of Academic Programs Powerpoint Presentation.  These slides will provide you with an orientation to assessment at Naropa and should be helpful to faculty and  Assessment Points of Contact. They discuss the essential components of academic assessment as well as more sophisticated practices.  
Academic Program Assessment Manual.  This manual provides guidelines for program Assessment Points of Contact to use in preparing the annual assessment reports. The manual is currently being updated and a new version will be available in Fall, 2016.
Non-Academic Support Units Assessment Manual.  This manual provides guidelines and techniques for support units to use in assessing the activities of their departments.  

Student Learning Outcomes.  It is essential that we all use the same language in doing our assessments.  The Student Learning Outcomes to the right is the standard that we use at Naropa.  Each course should define it's Student Learning Outcomes in the syllabus in this manner. 

Annual Program Assessment.   Naropa requires that programs be assessed and evaluated annually, and refines as necessary. See Annual Program Assessment Manual in “Assessment Tools” to the right for more information.

7 Year Program External Review .  Naropa also assesses and evaluates programs on a 7 year cycle with input from internal sources and external reviewers selected for their expertise in the particular program area. See the 7 Year Program External Review Manual to the right for information.


Academic Assessment Process

An Assessment Process Case Study is available for viewing by clicking this link.

Academic Program Annual Assessment Manual (.pdf, 948K)

This is the most current version: Version 3.5, October 2015.

Annual Assessment Report--Academic Programs
Assessment Tracker & Annual Report Form - blank (revised) (.docx, 34K)
Assessment Tracker & Annual Report form - sample (revised) (.docx, 32K)
Assessment Training References
Assessment Powerpoint Slides (.pdf, 1246K)
Components of Assessment
Assessment Terms (.docx, 17K)
Program Mission Goals PLOs Worksheet (.docx, 26K)
Writing Goals and Program Outcomes (.docx, 14K)
Student Learning Outcomes (.pdf, 197K)
Direct & Indirect Measures of Learning (.docx, 18K)
Writing a Naropa Program Mission Statement (.docx, 28K)
Non-Academic Assessment
Non-Academic Support Unit Assessment Manual (.docx, 1052K)
Template for NASU Annual Assessment Report (.docx, 45K)
Plans for Program Improvement
Action Plan for Program Improvement (.docx, 20K)
Rubric Template (.docx, 22K)
Academic Program External Reviews
Academic Program External Review Manual (.pdf, 1397K)
Checklist for External Review Activities (.pdf, 290K)
Possible Questions for External Reviewers (.pdf, 177K)
External Review Budget Information (.pdf, 187K)
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