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Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
Janet Cramer, PhD
Associate Provost for Assessment & Curriculum
Susan Burggraf, PhD
Associate Provost for Faculty
Lynn DiLorenzo, PhD
Director/Curriculum Developer, Distance Learning
Jirka Hladis
Executive Assistant to the Provost/VPAA
Jason Davis
Administrative Specialist for Assessment & Curriculum
Ashley Smith
Senior Academic Administrator
Nora Van Leuvan
Curriculum Related Submissions

Please address your Academic Affairs questions to Jason Davis.

Online Sourcebook and Print Reserves Information
Online Sourcebooks and Print Reserves Message from the Library (.pdf, 394K)
Fair Use Checklist (.pdf, 30K)
Print Reserves Request Form (.doc, 58K)
Staff Who Hold Academic Positions
Staff Who Hold Academic Positions Policy (.pdf, 109K)
Additional Service Agreement Request Form (.docx, 49K)
Hiring Procedures
Adjunct Hiring and Mentoring Procedures (.pdf, 217K)
Hiring and Agreement Process Overview (.pdf, 405K)
Agreement Data Sheet (.xlsx, 19K)
FERPA (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act)
FERPA Basics for Faculty (.pdf, 75K)
Faculty Course Coverage
Faculty Course Coverage Request Form (.pdf, 370K)
Waiver of Liability
The most important thing to remember is that this form is to be used only for trips or offsite activities that are disclosed to students in your syllabus.  After your students complete and sign the waiver, all the waivers along with a copy of the syllabus should be given to the Administrative Specialist of your school.
Waiver of Liability Form (.doc, 26K)
Course Fee Policy (.doc, 219K)
Dual Relationships Policy (.pdf, 6K)
Plagiarism Policy (.pdf, 291K)
Student-to-Faculty Grievance Policy (.pdf, 191K)
Grading Rubric (.doc, 53K)
Master's Project Grade Submission Guide (.pdf, 138K)
Academic Plan & Curricular Arc
Academic Plan 2009-2014 (.pdf, 186K)
Curricular Arc, updated 4-22-15 (.pdf, 123K)
Faculty Search Procedure & Forms

Please submit all hiring forms in hardcopy with signatures.

Core Faculty Search Procedure (.pdf, 135K)
Form A: Request to Hire (.pdf, 157K)
Form B: Screening Matrix (.pdf, 75K)
Form C: Permission to Hire (.pdf, 129K)
Faculty Search Budget Policy (.pdf, 283K)
AA Division Job Description Templates
AA Division Job Description Template (.docx, 144K)
Academic Support Job Description Template (.docx, 144K)
Adjunct Faculty Job Description Template (.docx, 145K)
Faculty Committee Assignments
Faculty Committee Assignments (.pdf, 199K)
Faculty Handbook
Faculty Handbook 2017-2018 (.pdf, 1289K)
Miscellaneous Forms
Co-sponsorship Agreement Template (.docx, 604K)
Naropa University Transcript Request Form (.pdf, 88K)
Personal Reimbursement Form (.xls, 27K)
Faculty Teaching in Other Programs Agreement (.pdf, 80K)
Promotion Timeline/Process (.pdf, 87K)
Sabbatical Timeline/Process (.pdf, 9K)
Academic Affairs Master Calendar
Academic Affairs Master Calendar 2017-2018 (.pdf, 185K)
Syllabus Instructions

1. Where to send your syllabus:

All Undergraduate courses:  Jamila Ajanku-Willie (

All  Graduate courses: Ashley Smith (

2. New Office of Accessibilities statement:

Office of Accessibilities: Naropa University will provide accommodations for qualified students with disabilities. To request an accommodation, or to discuss any learning needs you may have, contact the Coordinator of Accessibility Resources whose office is located in the Student Affairs Department in Wulsin Hall on the Arapahoe Campus. The phone number is 303-245-4749.

Spring 2018 syllabi are due January 3, 2018.  Please send your syllabus in Word format. 

Before submitting your syllabus, please compare it to the syllabus instructions.  In 90-95% of cases, syllabi are returned for correction because individuals did not read the instructions, and omitted or submitted incorrect information.  Checking your syllabus before sending will save a lot of time.

Spring 2018 Syllabus Instructions (.pdf, 468K)
Curriculum & Program Changes

Please note that the New Course Proposal and Course Revision forms have been revised.  These forms must be submitted to Academic Affairs with the appropriate signatures.  Please send all submissions to: 

If you are submitting a New Course Proposal for an Undergraduate course and want the course to meet any of the Core Area Requirements, please refer to the Core Area Requirement Guidelines below.  Make sure you explain in detail how the proposed course will meet the Area Requirement.

Curriculum and Program Approval Process (.pdf, 444K)
Course Revision Form (.docx, 55K)
New Course Proposal Form (.docx, 98K)
Proposal for Program Change (.docx, 20K)
Program Proposal Review & Approval Checklist (revised) (.docx, 86K)
Artistic Process Area Requirement Guidelines (.pdf, 89K)
Body/Mind Practice Area Requirement Guidelines (.pdf, 97K)
Cultural & Historical Studies Area Requirement Guidelines (.pdf, 129K)
Science & Sustainability Area Requirement Guidelines (.pdf, 126K)
World Wisdom Traditions Area Requirement Guidelines (.pdf, 119K)
New Program Proposal Process & Forms
New Program Pre-proposal Process (.docx, 28K)
New Program Pre-proposal Form (.docx, 29K)
New Program Full Proposal Process (.docx, 19K)
New Program Approval Checklist (.docx, 86K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.