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Spring -- 2013 

  • Coordinators confirm date of campus visit
  • Self-study coordinators complete self-study plan and timeline
  • Steering Committee forms and kick-off meeting held

Fall -- 2013

  • Subcommittee Chairs recruit consulting team members
  • Steering Committee meets
  • Formal campus launch of HLC accreditation with Provost and Steering Committee
  • Communications plan for self-study process developed
  • MyNaropa Accreditation tab created with interviews and FAQs
  • Self-study teams conduct research and begin writing on assigned areas

Spring -- 2014

  • Subcommittee chairs prepare initial drafts of assigned sections of self-study
  • Steering team members participate in HLC self-study workshop during HLC annual meeting in Chicago
  • First draft of self-study assembled by writing team
  • Self-study submitted to HLC consultant for feedback
  • Town Hall meeting held to gather community input

Summer -- 2014

  • Internal community review
  • Additional data collected and self-study writing continues

Fall -- 2014

  • Writing team completes penultimate draft of self-study
  • Town Hall meeting to share information and gather community input
  • Self-study submitted to HLC consultant for feedback
  • Internal community review of penultimate draft
  • Writing team outlines responses to issues noted in previous team report
  • Approval of institution's response to issues noted in previous team report
  • Communication plan for self-study process enhanced
  • Coordinators receive final list of HLC team members; list is shared with campus community
  • Writing team prepares final version of report by Oct. 24
  • Draft of self-study report made available to campus community for comment and suggestions during October and November
  • Coordinators communicate with HLC team chair regarding campus visit plans
  • Hosting team formed
  • Steering committee meets to plan campus visit
  • Graphic layout and proofreading
  • In December, self-study report prepared and sent, with supporting documents, to HLC and visiting team

Spring -- 2015

  • In February, executive summary of self-study made available
  • Town Hall meeting to share information and communication about site visit
  • Campus preparation for site visit
  • Resource room established and organized
  • Team work room established
  • Campus visit, March 9 - 11

Summer -- 2015

  • President receives draft of team report from HLC and responds with any corrections of fact
  • President selects panel to review team report and recommendations

Fall -- 2015

  • President receives final commission action and recommendation
  • Commission actions communicated to campus community and stakeholders