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Note: the following alert applies only to Faculty and Staff Accounts, not to Student Accounts

As of 1/17/2018, All email and MyNaropa passwords must be reset. If you're having difficulty accessing your Naropa account please contact IT by emailing, or calling 303.245.4609 (you may need to leave a voice message, and the IT team will respond as quickly as possible. Please be sure to include your name, login or Naropa email address, and contact information.)

The basic functions of an eLearning class every Naropa student will encounter in the course of the semester are covered in these four points:

  • How to access your online course,
  • Downloading your class syllabus,
  • Accessing materials in online sourcebook, and
  • Viewing course members and sending emails from within an eLearning class. 

You can view an instructional video or text-based instruction on each of those topics when you scroll down below.

Some of the more advanced topics are covered on separate pages:

  1. Discussion Forums   
  2. Assignments  
  3. Gradebook   

These more complex features are used in some Naropa University eLearning courses. Please contact the Distance Learning Office staff if you still need help: 303-245-4702,