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IMPORTANT: This version of MyNaropa is being phased out on May 31, 2021. The new MyNaropa will officially be launched on April 26, 2021! Please begin accessing current information systems, including the Canvas learning management system, via the new MyNaropa:  



Campus Clearance Process

The basic functions of an eLearning class every Naropa student will encounter in the course of the semester are covered in these six points:

  • Zoom,
  • Online Meetings (a.k.a. BigBlueButton),
  • How to access your online course,
  • Downloading your class syllabus,
  • Accessing materials in online sourcebook, and
  • Viewing course members and sending emails from within an eLearning class. 

You can view an instructional video or text-based instruction on each of those topics when you scroll down below.

Some of the more advanced topics are covered on separate pages:

  1. Discussion Forums   
  2. Assignments  
  3. Gradebook   

These more complex features are used in some Naropa University eLearning courses. Please contact the Distance Learning Office staff if you still need help:


Zoom is a real-time video lecture creation tool not integrated in the eLearning LMS. You have received an Email from IT with your personal Naropa Zoom account information.

An overview of how to use Zoom



How to use Zoom breakout rooms feature

More information about breakout rooms is here.


Sharing your screen on Zoom (presentations, PowerPoints, etc.)

There is more information about presentation/powerpoint sharing here.

Contributed by Mary McHenry

Online Meetings (a.k.a. BigBlueButton)

Online Meetings (a.k.a. BigBlueButton) is a real-time video lecture creation tool, fully integrated in eLearning. Included here are features of Online Meetings, how to add this app to your eLearning Page, and tutorials which highlight the features of BigBlueButton including recording, uploading slides, displaying video, and break out groups.

How to Add Online Meetings to a Course in eLearning (2:37)*

How to Use BigBlueButton (Online Meetings) for Moderator Presenter (Instructor) (6:39)


How to upload PowerPoint Presentations on BigBlueButton (Online Meetings) (6:09)


How to Create and Manage Break Out Groups in BigBlueButton (Online Meetings) (3:09)


For Students - How to Use BigBlueButton (Online Meetings) (5:24)


How to Share YouTube in BigBlueButton (Online Meetings) (5:54)


How to Use Shared Notes in BigBlueButton (Online Meetings) (1:01)

Contributed by Seann Goodman

Accessing your Naropa eLearning class from a computer: 


Accessing eLearning class from a mobile device: 


How to view and download your class syllabus.

Accessing online sourcebook materials from a computer:


 Accessing online source book materials from a mobile device: 


How to view course members on the Roster page and sending emails in your online class, for computer users:

How to view course members and sending emails in your online class accessed from a mobile device: