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The basic functions of an eLearning class every Naropa faculty will encounter in the course of the semester are covered in these five points: 

  • How to access your online class,
  • How to post a syllabus,
  • How to take attendance,
  • How to access and manage the online source book, and
  • How to view the class members and send emails.

You can view an instructional video or text-based instruction on each of those topics when you scroll down below. Additionally, on the very bottom of this page, you can learn:

  • How to post an announcement for students in the class, and
  • How to link external websites on the Web Resources page.

Some of the more advanced topics are covered on separate pages: 

  1. Discussion Forums  
  2. Assignments  
  3. Gradebook  

These more complex features are not used in each Naropa eLearning course, but are available to be explored and faculty are encouraged to utilize them to enhance their teaching of Naropa University curriculum, with the support and guidance of the Distance Learning Office staff. Contact us at 303-245-4702,